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RAJIV ASSOCIATES, a leading architectural designing consultancy firm, since 1990. We are a team of Architects, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Specialized Consultants, Visualizers helping create Architectural efficiencies through design.

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Imagination… What we can easily see is only a small percentage of what is possible.

RAJIV ASSOCIATES, a leading architectural designing consultancy firm, since 1990.

Rajiv Associates prides itself on our unique design concept of PRODUCTIVE DESIGNS and linguistic performance while being amenable to the client's sundry requirements. Design interpretations are crafted according to the client needs. The rapid growth, massive body of completed work and impressive clientele bear testimony to the firm's commitment to produce the best in every project commissioned.

Rajiv Associates

Recipient of an award winning architectural firm that recognizes innovation and creative excellence in architectural design, as judged by an international panel of professionals.

Award-Winning Company

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Architectural Design

The craft to design and build structures keeping in mind the aesthetic and functional needs of that structure is what encompasses a .......

Structural Design

Structural design is a highly detailed process which includes various activities such as structural detailing, drafting, modelling.....

Electrical Design

Electrical solutions are needed to design components and electronic systems for every new project that has high electrical load needs.......

Sanitary Plumbing and Fire System Design

Planning for fire protection is one of the most important steps during the entire process of a construction project. The designing of a Fire......

Industrial Process Layout

Industrial Process encompasses planning, designing and supervising the build of various types of facilities from buildings to bridges to industrial ......

Mechanical and Utility Design

If electronics is veins and structure is the skeleton of the construction, then the internal organs of any building is its mechanical utility system.......

Landscape Design

The landscape design stage comprises of research, gathering thoughts, and setting an arrangement. Design factors incorporate target characteristics,......

Material Handling Equipment Design

Material handling system can be characterized as stacking, emptying of material, stockpiling and controlling of material through assembling unit ......

Interior Design

Interior design is the combination of art and science of heightening the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more creative......

Green Building Design

Sustainable building designs come under the broader aspect of green construction. Green building designs encompass both existing structures.....
Rajiv Associates.

Turnkey Consultancy Solutions from Concept to Completion.

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High-Performance Teamwork.

We deliver design solutions and services in complex environments and welcome the tough assignments. The integration of our expertise and excellent engineering enables us to determine the optimal approach for the project.

High-Performance Teamwork.


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